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Spoiled brat mega-millionaire Behringer’s recent abusive and bullying harassment of journalist is the final straw

Behringer music products removed from websites and boycotted for foreseeable future

It has to be said and acted upon. We may live in an age of out-of-control self-entitled billionaires and mega-millionaires like Donald Trump and Uli Behringer, but we don’t have to passively tolerate and encourage it.

It’s sad and potentially messy. Like wannabe fascist dictator Trump and his MAGA cult, in the online synthesizer world, Behringer has a great deal of mindless cult followers ready to rationalize, excuse and support any abuse Uli and his companies can dish out, as well as add some of their own bullying to the mix. Sigh.

I’ve never been fond enough of Behringer synths to actually buy one but I have tried to share in the joy that many feel brings synths at reasonable prices to the masses. Though there are some debatable and controversial aspects to Behringer products, the products themselves are not what the revolutionOSC boycott is about.

The hype about bringing synthesis to the masses is quite ironic, because Uli Behringer is the type of arrogant uber-wealthy person, that in past ages revolutionary guillotines were made for.

In typical right-wing conservative fashions, Behringer has used his power and money to war against free speech and corrupt legal processes to punish those journalists and even online users, who dare speak criticism of the mighty. All Behringer’s actions, going back years are documented and factual, there can be no rational debate about the actions themselves. I won’t repeat the history of Behringer’s abuse, Google will reveal a treasure trove of verifiable facts.

At this point it is safe to say Behringer is not likely to grow up and stop having his immature rich boy temper tantrums. His products have as much yuck factor as living in a Trump Tower or wearing Ivanka Trump clothes.

Effective immediately all Behringer product pages have been disabled. There are better alternatives to Behringer products, the physical products themselves and ethically.


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