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New Waldorf Quantum Synthesizer is a Beauty

3rd one is a charm, this Quantum is righteous

Yay, my Quantum is back from “repair”. It was gone one day shy of 2 months, which was faster than expected, especially with COVID-19 virus world in full bang…

Waldorf service (via Sweetwater, then Korg the USA service center) gave me a completely new synthesizer. The screen is a beauty. It has the touch sensitivity I would expect, the XY pad will blow your mind. There is no bubble in the middle or dead spot on the right edge. The keyboard has quiet keys, and the panel has all the right buttons, even the Komplex Modulator has a printed line under it.

This Waldorf Quantum rocks. It looks and feels like all $4000 of it should.

I want to stress that I believe all currently manufactured Quantums are at this same level of high quality control. I would not hesitate to buy a new Quantum today. Waldorf is a top notch company, I have nothing but high marks for them. Even more so, kudos to Sweetwater.

I’m retired now, but most of my pre-retirement career was in technology related industries. It’s a fact that 1% of technology products are going to arrive DOA, with some elemental flaw or go down in the 1st 30 days. It is so important to choose who you buy technology from wisely. Most of the time your dealer is going to take your money, ship you the product and that’s that. It’s that rare moment when something goes wrong that resellers really show what they are made of.

I’ve never had a defective musical product in my life before, but my first Quantum was in that 1% experience, as I documented in First 48 hours – Waldorf Quantum joins “Studio”. It had a non-functional key, other keys were unacceptably noisy and one of the oscillators had 2 Resonator buttons instead of Particle and Resonator buttons. This was just past a time period where people were waiting months for Quantum preorders to fill. Immediately Sweetwater shipped out a replacement with prepaid shipping back for the old one.

A month later as I documented in Some first month thoughts about Waldorf Quantum I was very happy with my 2nd Quantum. In time I did become more aware of some screen characteristics, a bubble in the middle of the screen, a dead zone on the right edge and a general lack of the touch sensitivity I would expect.

My bubble wasn’t that bad, I didn’t even blog about it and I have seen more significant bubbles online. And though it didn’t impact use of the synth, the bubble was kind of like a coin sized dent on the hood of a brand new Ferrari. It sullied the shine of a state of the art machine just a bit. As I blogged about in 6th month thoughts about the Waldorf Quantum, the pain of the dead zone on the right edge and a general lack of the touch sensitivity was reduced by OS 2.0 beta redesigns, but it was still an issue I wanted resolved.

There is little doubt in my mind that the Quantum is so amazing and so unique that I could have lived with these ‘quirks’. Some luster was missing though, and I didn’t have that I want to buy another Waldorf product feeling like I do with Sequential products.

As 2020 arrived, two unrelated events cemented my decision to send Quantum #2 for repair. For one, at the beginning of February I was planning to buy a Sequential Prophet X, so I knew the pain of the Quantum gone bye-bye for 2-4 months would be less. For second, for business reasons in the middle of February, a few of us were making the 3 hour drive from Chicago to Sweetwater to take a tour of their operation.

Advice: Never visit Sweetwater. No wonder that place sold $850 million dollars worth of gear in 2019. What an amazing place, what great people. You will never want to buy musical equipment anywhere else after you visit there. Stay far far away.

Anyhoo, I missed the final stages of the Quantum OS 2.0 beta so I was anxious to see what the release version was like. So far so good! The sound packs are nice too.

My corner of the Waldorf Quantum world is better today, amen.


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