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Confinement Mutations album now available

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New Anxiety Forest album produced in COVID-19 quarantine

This album was recorded during Chicago’s shelter-in-place orders in the months of April and May 2020. Included in this time period were 2 weeks of complete isolation after I was exposed to an associate with a confirmed case of the virus. Obviously, the virus dominates the music.

Confinement Mutations is a collection of 24 tracks released May 19, 2020.

All tracks written and performed by Yehuda Rothschild
* except Broken Promises written by Glenn Kaiser

Sequential Prophet X synthesizer
Sequential Pro 2 synthesizer
Waldorf Quantum synthesizer
Moog Subsequent 37 synthesizer
Arturia Beatstep Pro

Recorded in Ableton Live

© all rights reserved

  1. Confinement Prelude
  2. Virus C19 Rises (Level I Mix)
  3. Non-Believer
  4. Mutations 1i
  5. Mutations 1ii
  6. Mutations 1iii
  7. Mutations 1iv
  8. In Front Of The Ventilation
  9. Gaslight Out
  10. Virus C19 Rises (Level II Mix)
  11. Mutations 2i
  12. Mutations 2ii
  13. Mutations 2iii
  14. Mutations 2iv
  15. Party In Your Lungs
  16. Receptors Are Smiling
  17. Mutations 3i
  18. Mutations 3ii
  19. Mutations 3iii
  20. Mutations 3iv
  21. Broken Promises (Rez Band Cover) *
  22. For The Birds
  23. Virus C19 Rises (Level III Mix)
  24. Plateau One


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