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Second Wave album now available

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New Anxiety Forest album

 Second Wave is a collection of 3 tracks released July 18, 2020.

All tracks written and performed by Yehuda Rothschild

Sequential Prophet X synthesizer
Sequential Pro 3 synthesizer
Waldorf Quantum synthesizer

Recorded in Ableton Live

© all rights reserved

  1. Second Wave
  2. Dead Black
  3. Ancestors


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Essential Social Media Information Technology for Musicians and Activists: The Facebook Scraper

Sharing without it can be less than optimized

Everyone has seen it or had it happen to them. You share a web page you know has a photo/video and Facebook does not see it. Another common issue is that you change the photo/video or edit the headline/text and Facebook does not see the changes.

Facebook Scraper to the rescue. Using this tool to clear Facebook’s cache is indispensable in my opinion. In a perfect world Facebook’s auto-scraping of your shares would precede display, but in the real world it often fails to keep up, so you need to manually reset the cache. Super easy.

  1. Enter the URL
  2. Press the ‘Debug’ button
  3. Press the ‘Scrape Again’ button (Occasionally you will have to do this several times. I had to do it 3 times for this article)

There may be other issues which cause bad image display. Generally Facebook prefers something close to a 2:1 aspect ratio for the image. A Facebook scrape on a near 2:1 ratio image usually does the trick.

The Facebook Debugger/Scraper also shows various other Open Graph settings which may be beyond your ability to change unless you have admin access to blogging software like WordPress which allows customization of these settings.

Social media posts with good images ALWAYS get significantly more views and shares, it is a fact.


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