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Post images on Instagram with a laptop or desktop

Absolutely no phone or extra software needed

You probably know this, but the header image above shows Instagram running in a laptop window, and it has no functionality for uploading images. Yeah you can add kludgy software or extensions but you can do it without those with a few simple clicks.

Note: this tutorial uses the Chrome browser.

Step 1

From the ellipsis (3 vertical dots) in the upper right corners, select ‘More tools’, then select ‘Developer tools’.

Step 2

As circled in red above, be sure the phone icon is highlighted blue.

Step 3

Refresh your screen and you will see, as circled in red above, the upload icon has magically appeared.

Step 4


You are now posting images as though you were on a phone.

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Shiny Objects album now available

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New Anxiety Forest album

 Shiny Objects is a collection of 3 tracks released November 17, 2020.

All tracks written and performed by Yehuda Rothschild

Sequential Prophet X synthesizer
Sequential Pro 3 synthesizer
Waldorf Quantum synthesizer

Recorded in Ableton Live

© all rights reserved

  1. Shiny Objects
  2. Tedium
  3. Apprehension


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