New Bandcamp download prices and free codes

Anxiety Forest pays it forward 100%

Effective immediately you have 3 options for listening to Anxiety Forest.

Due to streaming services robbery, Anxiety Forest music will only be available on the Anxiety Forest Bandcamp. Even on a normal day, 80%+ of your purchase will go to Anxiety Forest. There is no record company or other middle man, and if there ever is one, it will be wholly owned by Anxiety Forest, i.e. me, Yehuda Rothschild and any other musicians involved. This is very personal.

  1. As always, there is free streaming on Bandcamp.
  2. You can buy/gift the albums or the whole discography for the listed prices or more if you can help. Anxiety Forest will support other musicians with at least 100% of your net support.
  3. You can also message Anxiety Forest ONLY on the Anxiety Forest Facebook page for free codes, one per album per user, no exceptions, thanks! Requests from Instagram, Twitter or public messages will be ignored. Sorry to be structured, but its too messy otherwise, thanks! Obviously if you know me personally feel free to use a personal communications avenue.

Any way you need to do it, please do it. The important parts are getting the music out there and helping musicians struggling in these virus days.


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