The 2022 DNA of my Native and Jewish Heritage

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2022 DNA #2 of my Native and Jewish Heritage

DNA has absolutely zero to do with being Native and Jewish

For starters, it is super important to state that DNA has absolutely zero to do with being Native and Jewish. It does not make you a Native or a Jew.

My Indigenous heritage and Native Nation citizenship derive solely from my Native Mother. My Mvskoke ancestry goes straight through her, to my Grandmother, to my Great-Grandmother and Great-Grandfather, and to many many ancestors all the way back to time immemorial.

My Jewish heritage is from my Father and my Orthodox conversion, since being Jewish is determined by unbroken matrilineal descent or conversion. My descent is straight line but patrilineal for a couple generations and beyond that also goes back to time immemorial.

DNA can be interesting though

When I was a young child, my Mom told me I was a mutt, and my DNA sure proves her 100% correct, ha! So far, roughly once a year, revises my DNA ethnicity estimates as the science and sample sizes improves. This post’s header image and the following list are from their 2022 ethnicity estimate.

  • European Jewish 28%
  • Sweden & Denmark 18%
  • England & Northwestern Europe 18%
  • Ireland 10%
  • Indigenous Americas-North 9%
  • Germanic Europe 9%
  • Norway 4%
  • Senegal 1%
  • Ivory Coast & Ghana 1%
  • Nigeria 1%
  • Indigenous Americas-Yucatan Peninsula 1%

This year detailed my DNA even further and split it into maternal and paternal sections

Ok that’s it for now folks.


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