2022 DNA #2 of my Native and Jewish Heritage

DNA is definitely a mixture of science and art

Geographic region percentages and even the geographic regions themselves can and do change over time. Presumably they are increasing in accuracy but who knows.

*** Reminder, you cannot claim Native heritage or gain Native Nation citizenship on the basis of DNA results. See my other DNA posts for more information.

If you look through any of my earlier DNA posts (Thoughts for Descendants & 2019 DNA, Cultural reflections on whiteness & my new 2021 DNA, The 2022 DNA of my Native and Jewish Heritage), you will see my DNA ethnicity estimates have changed quite a bit over the years.

DNA is dependable for rock-solid pinpointing of relatives though. I’ve connected with many cousins, mostly Native, but some Jewish. 2 cousins that are siblings even share both Native and Jewish heritage with me, that really blew my mind. This is something that never would have been known, if it were not for DNA.

Twice this year, Ancestry.com revised my DNA ethnicity estimates as their science and sample sets improved. This post’s header image and the following list are from their 2nd 2022 ethnicity estimate.

  • European Jewish 28%
  • Sweden & Denmark 16%
  • England & Northwestern Europe 13%
  • Germanic Europe 10%
  • Scotland 10%
  • Indigenous Americas-North 9%
  • Ireland 4%
  • Norway 3%
  • Indigenous Americas-Mexico 2%
  • Wales 2%
  • Senegal 1%
  • Ivory Coast & Ghana 1%
  • Nigeria 1%

This year Ancestry.com began detailing my DNA even further and split it into maternal and paternal sections

Ok that’s it for now folks.


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