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Colonizer governments are bad

But just wait…

Worldwide, fascist leadership is corrupting and taking over governments.

In the United States, the Republican Party – fully infected by Trump-ism, is now conflating conservatism and fascism. Do your homework, read the news. This is not something I conjured up, it is a fact. The Democratic Party slightly recognizes the danger, but still refuses to flex the full power of law to stop it.

“U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., the House minority whip, said in a Fox News appearance Sunday that “it’s interesting to see that Europe is leading the way by throwing out socialists with conservatives—and great bold conservative women like Meloni and [U.K. Prime Minister Liz] Truss.”
“We need to bring that kind of conservatism to the United States,” Scalise added.”

GOP celebrations over the rise of fascism in Europe

This is the #1 threat to Native and Indigenous people.

Native Nation sovereignty and enforcing treaties, which are very important to me, will be the least of our troubles. Yet a minority of Natives, like many average people, support the Republican Party against their own interests.

Don’t sleep through this one, you’ll be sorry!

Do not wait until fascists corrupt more laws and legislatures than they already have. Do not wait until fascists win more elections than they already have. Your life may depend on it. This may sound radical but history says otherwise.


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