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Ocmulgee Port of Entrance, 2015, by Richard Thornton. This is a digital reproduction of a historical site in Georgia known as Okmulgee. Mvskoke ancestors built large earthen mounds at Okmulgee and lived there long before Europeans arrived in North America. Fifth slide at Smithsonian Institution.


Mvskoke.social is a semi-private Mastodon instance established in December of 2022. Muscogee Nation citizens own, admin, and moderate this instance.


Mvskoke.social promotes and provides an ad-free, corporate-free, domestic dependency-free environment for Mvskoke, Freedmen, and other North American Natives to connect with each other.

  • Ultimately, we are helping build a decolonized grassroots social network for Native and Indigenous people from all North American Native Nations, and genuine allies.


Mvskoke.social is currently accepting registrations for Mvskoke, Freedmen, and other North American Natives only.

  • New accounts are generally activated between 6am and Midnight CST.
  • When you create an account, be sure to list your Native Nation and citizenship status when asked ‘Why do you want to join?’.


Mvskoke.social is 100% free. We will never charge fees or pressure anyone for donations. All monetary and moderation expenses are borne by the administrators. We may eventually have a page for pressure-free donations, but for now if you really need to donate, you can DM @Yehuda.


Mvskoke.social is a small private instance.

  • It will not grow to be a large general purpose instance.
  • Mvskoke.social will be indigenized as much as possible.
  • We are federated with 99% of the Fediverse but use no relays in order to maximize Native content.
  • Our content is all driven by Native and Indigenous people, as well as genuine allies.

Mvskoke.social believes 100% in true Native Nation sovereignty, physical LandBack, and digital LandBack. We reject calls to assimilate into the generally white Fediverse. The whole ghettoization theory is white supremacy garbage.

#Native #Indigenous #NDN #NativeMastodon #IndigenousMastodon #LandBack #InstanceBack


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This page is subject to content updates/additions. If you think any content should be updated or added, please leave a private comment on Mastodon – @Yehuda@Mvskoke.social.