Apple Mac Pro M2 Series

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The Mac Pro M2 Series will be Apple’s most powerful workstation made and the ultimate for music & video recording studios

Apple Mac Pro M2 – $????.00

If you’re a serious independent pro or amateur musician, you really want the Apple Mac Studio M1 Max/Ultra or the Apple MacBook Pro M1 Pro/Max if you need portability. A large recording studio may want to consider the anticipated Mac Pro M2 Series.

If you need to spend less than $1999.00, get an M1 or M2 Apple, such as the Mac mini M1, 24″ iMac M1, MacBook Air M1 or MacBook Air M2. To suggest buying less than these systems is bad advice. Also see notes below in the Unified Memory section.
See: Apple M1 is the new DAW performance minimum.

The Mac Pro M2 Series is clearly for the well compensated

While quite a marvel for those of us who appreciate technology, I think it is safe to say the Mac Pro M2 is not for the average professional or amateur creator. The power it will wield and the price of that power will be more than most of us need or can afford. OK, there is sure to be a smattering of well heeled tech fans that will have to have it, but you know what I am saying.

What to expect

The most likely true rumor is that the Mac Pro M2 Series form factor will not be redesigned. Another less likely rumor is that it will be half the height with the same “cheese grater” design. Since the Mac Pro M2 was not announced at WWDC 2022, the official announcement date could be in Q4 2022 or even 2023.

It’s highly likely the Mac Pro will have the M2 Processor Series, most likely the M2 Extreme and a small possibly of an M2 Ultra version as well. M2 Processor Series are expected to be 10%-20% faster than the equivalent M1 Processor Series.

Like the M1 Ultra, the M2 Ultra will essentially be two M2 Maxs. The M2 Ultra will be a slightly faster version of the M1 Ultra. The M2 Ultra is expected to have 24 CPU cores and 48-64 GPU cores.

The M2 Extreme will essentially be two M2 Ultras. The M2 Extreme is expected to have 48 CPU cores and 96-128 GPU cores.

There may be an option to have more than one M2 Ultra or M2 Extreme.

For an easy to read M2 Series specifications chart, see Apple M2 Processor Series

Any other configuration details are pure conjecture. Even the above is fuzzy. I will share more details as I find them and have time. For now, watch the videos below.



Yehuda Rothschild Apple Mac Pro M2 Series YouTube Playlist

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