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Mvskoke History & Resources

Native sources

Native sources of Mvskoke history will generally have the most accuracy.

Muscogee Nation

Mvskoke History: A Short Course for Muscogee Nation Employees

Non-Native sources

I wouldn’t be sharing these selections if they weren’t decent sources of easily digestible Mvskoke history or important reference materials. Keep in mind however, that information from non-Native sources may have non-Native perspectives or bias, even if slight or subtle.

For example, generally when colonizer history says hundreds of years, Mvskoke history says thousands of years. This is something to remember, even the best non-Native historical documentation has built-in bias and inaccuracy doing its best to erase or minimize Natives.

Smithsonian Institution

This is a great slideshow (including videos) of Mvskoke history.

Before the Trail of Tears removal 23 pages.

During the Trail of Tears removal 15 pages.

After the Trail of Tears removal 17 pages.


Yehuda Rothschild Mvskoke Video Playlist


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