Pro 3 Presets

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Sequential Pro 3 Presets

The following are Sequential Pro 3 specific. If you know of any other Sequential Pro 3 specific wavetables, presets or utilities, please do let me know. I would like this to be all inclusive, thanks! -Yehuda

Presets may include non-factory wavetables.

Creative Spirals Pro 3 Mass and Motion Sound Set – $35.00
This Sound Set includes 128 patches. MOTION Patches: Paraphonic Motion, Arps, Sequences (~90 patches), MASS Patches: Core Bass, Lead and Synth Tones (~30 patches).

Creative Spirals Pro 3 Fundamentals 1+2 – $35.00
This includes both Fundamentals Set 1 and Set 2 in a single package. In total 128 custom patches for the Pro 3. Set 1: Basses, Leads, Classic Synth Sounds (64 patches). Set 2: Strings, Brass, Keys, Organs, Paraphonics (64 patches). Also available separately.

Boscio PRO 3 Preset Pack – Scoring Tools – $15.00

A collection of 30 presets for the Sequential PRO 3 synthesizer meant to ignite and propel creativity. From unnerving drones and tension building arps, to paraphonic pads, keys and mangled rhythms, these sounds were inspired by soundtrack composers such as Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrows, Ludwig Göransson, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Cliff Martinez, Mac Quayle and more.

Sequential Pro 3 TJontheRoad Synthesizer Presets – $15.99
These 64 presets represent the huge depth that is capable with the Sequential PRO 3. Included with these presets are all types of ambient, arpeggiations, bass, band, FX, lead, paraphonic, rhythmic, and sequenced soundscapes.

App Sound Sequential Pro 3: Hypotenuse – 15€ +VAT
Soundbank for the Pro 3 (Standard and SE) with 64 presets. All the new sounds are using the arpeggiator. The focus is on the hybrid sound characteristics of the PRO 3.

Lowgritt Pro 3 Telos Expansion Pack – $32.00
128 original patches that illuminate the raw energy, tonal variety, & emotional subtlety of the Sequential Pro 3 Synthesizer. Each sound has been carefully crafted to inspire further creativity & sonic exploration. Within this bank is a treasure trove of monophonic & para-phonic patches ranging from snappy bass to choral strings, cyberpunk pads to interstellar FX, organic percussion arpeggiators to mangled drum sequences.

MajorOSC 3ForAll Pro 3 – $0.00
3ForAll is a collection of 50 presets for the Sequential Pro 3, made of 3 primary patch types;  Bass, Leads, and Sequences. Thanks to the powerful sequencer and multiple filters to choose from, MajorOSC put together a great collection of stylish bass, sequence, and lead presets, designed to inspire you, and exploit the powerful modulation capabilities of the Pro 3.

Red Star Soundset for Pro 3 – $24.00
101 all-original presets for the Sequential Pro 3, along with free wavetables for slots 33 to 64.


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