Pro 3 Yehuda Wavetables

Sequential Pro 3 wavetables

The following wavetables are Sequential Pro 3 specific. These are system exclusive message files or more commonly known as SysEx files. To upload them to your Pro 3 you would use MIDI-OX for Windows or SysEx Librarian for Mac, essentially the same way as you update your OS as explained here (except no reboot afterwards).


Sequential Prophet 12 – Sawtooth, Pulse, Triangle, Sine, Tines, Mellow, Church, Muted, Nasal, Boing, Gothic, Ahhh, Shrill, Ohhhh, Buzzzz, Meh. Originally sampled by Paul Cotton.
All oscillator types – 33_p12all.syx
1st half crossfade – 34_p12allx1.syx
2nd half crossfade – 35_p12allx2.syx

Noise series – Generally mish-mosh wavetables of 16 single waveforms, each single waveform a blend of up to 4 waveforms. Great for unusual modulation as well as unique sounds.
Noise 55d – 36_noise55d.syx
Noise 72x – 37_noise72x.syx
More soon…

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