Prophet X Samples & Utilities

Without doubt, samples bring out the full potential of the Sequential Prophet X/XL synthesizer

Here’s a video to fire up your imagination on Prophet X/XL samples by Han Luis Cera, an admin over at the Revolution Oscillators Facebook group. Han is the synth player with Mutant-Thoughts, and a Sequential featured artist. You can download the files referenced in the video at the link on the video or here: Lockdown Experiment.syx / Lckdn Kitchen Lckdn

The following sample sets and utilities are all Sequential Prophet X/XL specific. If you know of any other Sequential Prophet X/XL specific samples sets, presets or utilities, please do let me know. I would like this page to be all inclusive, thanks!

Sample sets may include non-factory presets.

Factory sample sets

Add on 1 The Last Prophet 5 from 8DIO $88.00
Add on 2 CP70 Electric Grand Piano from 8DIO $48.00
Add on 3 Arp 2600 from 8DIO $48.00
Add on 4 Oberheim OB-X from 8DIO $48.00
Add on 5 Sequential CIrcuits T8 from 8DIO $48.00
Add on 6 Jupiter 4 from 8DIO $48.00
Add on 7 Moog Prodigy from 8DIO $48.00
Add on 8 Minimoog Model D from 8DIO $48.00
Add on 9 Juno 60 from 8DIO $48.00

3rd party sample sets

The 9000 Foot Piano from Pianobook $0.00
Replicants Samples and Presets from Modulatable Synthesis $0.00
Luigi’s Samples from Modulatable Synthesis $0.00
Modal Electronics 002 Samples from Modulatable Synthesis $0.00
Moog One Samples and Presets from Modulatable Synthesis $68.00
BlueWave from Goldbaby $49.00
VCO Pack from ThinkerSnacks $0.00
MatrixBrute from tjontheroad $0.00

Sample utilities

Sequential Prophet X/XL Mapping Utility from 8DIO $0.00
PXToolkit from ThinkerSnacks $0.00
PX-Renumber from ThinkerSnacks $0.00
SampleRobot 6.5 Pro $301.00


Prophet X Sound Editor from Soundtower $79.00
Prophet X PlugSE from Soundtower $79.00


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