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Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar

Nothing like the real thing

Gibson SG Standard Electric Guitar $1799.00

I had my 1st Gibson SG 50 years ago. A cherry red 1960-something SG Jr. with a single P90, which for me just represented all the recklessness of youth. What an amazing guitar… Somewhere along the path of higher consciousness, I lost track of it, probably in the mid-1980’s, but I really have no clue where or when exactly. <sigh>

I guess that was a $4000.00 mistake as it turned out.

I had to have another one, ha!

This time I mixed it up a little though with a black double Humbucker Gibson SG Standard and an optional hard case. The soft case that comes with it is truly the best gig bag I’ve ever seen, but I would have much preferred to drop $1599.00 or even $1699.00 on an SG that came with the hard case instead.

Guitar manufacturers just love to irritate their customers I guess. If someone is forking out over $1000.00 for a guitar, give them a traditional hard case for crying out loud.

Even my Martin HD28E, an over $3000.00 guitar came with a plastic molded case. Grrr…

Anyhoo, aside from case irritant, the SG Standard is wonderful wonderful. I love it.


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