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  • Name: Yehuda Rothschild
  • Start of Journey: 1956
  • Located: Uptown Chicago, IL
  • Heritage: Native, Jewish
  • Politics: Mvskoke Citizen, 100% Decolonization
  • Family: Single, kids, gkids

I’m retired after a career of 35 years in Information Technology and prior to that 10 years of Real Estate property management/development. Though retired, I am busy with a number of projects.

My Native and Jewish cultures are very close to my heart.

The newest project I am involved in is Turtle Island, which is six instances of the decentralized ActivityPub network (The Fediverse) for my Native relatives and non-Native friends. Follow me there at @Yehuda@TurtleIsland.social.

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You can also follow me on Instagram @YehudaRothschild.

I’m a synthesizer player and electronic music producer [of sorts], and record music occasionally under the Anxiety Forest name. I also play acoustic guitar.

Continuing my musical interests, you can find computer and synthesizer information, patches, wavetables and videos on this site’s main menu bar under ‘Computers – Gear – Synthesizers’. I am also an admin of several Sequential synthesizer Facebook user groups – Sequential Prophet X / XLSequential Pro 3 SynthSequential Take 5, and Oberheim Users.

Last but not least, I am an activist to fight homelessness, support Native and decolonization causes, and fight the corrupt politics and politicians of the settler colonial nation-state. I am currently part of an organization that on an average day provides 350 people temporary shelter and 100 senior citizens affordable housing.

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Updated periodically – Martin HD28E Acoustic Electric Guitar

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