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Also in embedded Apple Mac M Series Music Production YouTube Playlist below

Experience qualifies my comments

After 35 years in Information Technology I feel extremely qualified to comment on computer technology and the Internet in particular.

Not only has old age infused experience and wisdom in me, but since retirement I can speak to reality, unhindered by corporate or capitalist concerns. If someone wants to help me defray server costs fine, but it’s not likely you could afford to bribe me to alter my honest advice. I don’t monetize any of my digital properties, it’s all on me folks! Break my resolve, I dare you, ha!

So I watch a lot of YouTube videos…

Music Production

Videos linked are also in the embedded Apple Mac M Series Music Production YouTube Playlist below

My favorite Apple musician technology YouTube video

1. The NEW Mac Studio with M1 Ultra. My thoughts. by creator Mary Spender (screenshot above). Why my favorite? It’s produced by a woman and so unique! It’s just crazy how male dominated Apple technology videos are. She’s a musician and again this is rare. She connects the dots, what she says has relevance to this web site, which is trafficked 90% by musicians. She’s calm and doesn’t speak like she just had a toot or is racing to beat a timer. Most of all, she’s a very good creator, knows what she is talking about and puts together a quality video. Also bonus points to Mary for not making 10 videos rehashing 2 videos worth of information. Still, I’d like to see more technology videos from her. I recommend subscribing to all her videos.

Honorable mention

2. Is the Mac Studio right for a music studio? By creator David Das. This guy reads my mind, an extremely good review with good advice and respectful to other perspectives. He has several other Apple silicon music production videos as well (also in playlist). I recommend subscribing to all his videos.

The following creators make way too many videos to recommend just one, but there are playlists on the Apple related pages near the end of this page.


Honorable mention

  • ArtIsRight – This guy is great, highly recommended – even if you are not a photographer. If Art is compromised by YouTube metrics, you wouldn’t know it by his videos. He is very good at presentation with great advice driven by facts. No hysterics.


Honorable mention

  • Alex Ziskind – This is good, highly recommended – even if you are not a programmer. Great advice driven by facts. No hysterics.


The majority of the top technology creators are very much commercial enterprises. Very focused on clicks, subs and affiliate link click through. Some of these are full blown on the common mistakes below. There is a lot of useful information but stay alert, don’t get swept away.

Honorable mentions (alphabetical order)

Common mistakes

  1. Click bait titles that are a preposterous conclusion or not reflective of the actual video content. Throwing in exaggerated, alarmist, faux scam or conspiracy discovery attitudes.
  2. Too many videos rehashing previously done videos with a slight twist over and over. There can be too much of a good thing.
  3. Speaking too quickly and with little to no pauses in the video. Flashing text too quick to read. Creators, come on, stop acting like a timer is going to take your candy away, your video is not a race! Take a chill pill!
  4. Bias and preference presented as technical fact rather than what it is. Example being Laptop vs. Desktop. Give it up, not everyone needs or wants a laptop. Laptops are not better than desktops or visa versa. Different people have different needs. This is bad product promotion, pushing a particular solution without knowing or respecting your audience’s needs.
  5. Obsession on exactly scaled results is just not completely technically correct. It’s a fact that doubling a resource doesn’t always result in performance doubling; this is not necessarily a bad thing.
  6. More than a 30 seconds of front loading ads or sponsorships. Everyone has to make a living but people need to stash the ads at the end of the video, not the beginning. I am much more likely to respond to the ads if they are at the end. If it’s more than an acknowledgement in the beginning definitely not.


Yehuda Rothschild Apple Mac M Series Music Production YouTube Playlist

For more computer specific non-music production videos, see those pages (listed below)


P.S. I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface of Apple Technology YouTube creators. If you have any creator suggestions please do leave a comment here or any of my social media.

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