Apple Silicon is the DAW standard

Apple M Series is the new DAW performance minimum!

Prior to Apple silicon, I used Intel based PCs for decades, but it no longer makes any sense whatsoever. Apple innovation has flown above and beyond Intel.

I would suggest at the barest minimum an entry level Apple M1 (Air, Mini, iMac) if you are serious about your music. A brand new M2 Mac mini can be had from Apple starting at $599.00. Used M1 Mac minis must be dirt cheap. MacBooks and iMacs can be had for reasonable costs too. Choose what you’re comfortable with, but do it.

Maybe a less than 10 year old Intel-based system with enough RAM and SSD might be able to run Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Reason, Cubase, or the DAW of your choice. But will the older Intel-based systems run your software great or without issues? Probably not, though a lot of people are going to rationalize going with less even if it isn’t the right choice.

Apple silicon is the DAW standard. The developers of your DAW and plugins are going to use the power available to them. If your Intel-based hardware isn’t dogging now, it will be soon.

Video is another area that Apple silicon excels at and will be of increasing importance for creators.

Most musicians, obsessed as we can be, have thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars of gear. A sufficient DAW should be a prioritized part of whatever you have, and if your DAW is your gear, it’s even more critical. Your DAW should not be the choke point. System performance frustration or software limitations should never be part of the creative process. Think about it. Do some research. Watch some videos. You’ll be amazed at how even the entry level Apple silicon leaps ahead of Intel without a hiccup.

If your budget allows better than M1, be sure to read the reviews and resources in the ‘Useful Links’ below.


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