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NEW Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Synthesizer

A new Wavetable synth with Sequential and Avid DNA

When you are done reading this post, check out Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave and Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave or Waldorf Quantum/Iridium? These pages will have more extensive information/videos and be updated over time. You can also use the link in the menu bar drop down ‘Computers – Gear- Synthesizers’.

The 3rd Wave is a winner of the 2022 NAMM Best in Show award. Groove Synthesis is founded by veterans of Sequential and Avid. This synth certainly intrigues me and I couldn’t help but notice it was a NAMM favorite of Richard Devine.

The introductory price is $3795.00. It’s a 24 voice, 61 key, 4-part multi-timbral (layer or split) wavetable synth with 3 oscillators per voice, and 6-stage wave envelopes per oscillator. The 3rd Wave has Dave Rossum-designed 2140 analog low-pass filters and SEM-style state-variable filters (low-pass, high-pass, notch, and band-pass).

The factory wavetables are 32 classic PPG-lineage waves plus 48 high-resolution custom waves. It also has a built-in sample-to-wavetable tool that create a 64 wave wavetable or user can import wav files with USB.

The sequencer is insane with each multi-timbral part getting its own sequencer track with 24 patterns of up to 32 measures in length. Each multi-timbral part gets 2 effects, 4 ADSR envelopes, 4 LFOs, and a 28 slot mod matrix.

Here’s the introductory video:

The 3rd Wave doesn’t have the non-wavetable sound engines that the Quantum/Iridium have, or the kernel oscillators which can incorporate wavetables in amazing ways, but the 24 voices, sequencer and multi-timbral features are very impressive.

That’s the basic scoop, join the Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Users Group or go to the Groove Synthesis site for more info.


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