Wavetable Editing Tools

Utilities to create & edit wavetables

Free Software

WaveEdit – $0.00
This makes a bank of 64 waveforms with a wave length of 256. Open-source wavetable editor. Highly recommended, I use this for Quantum and Iridium wavetables.

WaveEdit Pro 3 fork – $0.00
This makes a bank of 16 waveforms with a wave length of 1024. While this Jeremy Bernstein fork was tweaked to match Sequential Pro 3 wavetable specs, this is totally useful for Quantum and Iridium wavetables as well. There is nothing proprietary, get both WaveEdit versions. See ‘Assets’ for downloads.

WavePad – $0.00
This is free with nags, still there are some useful features in this program. The split feature is nice for breaking up wavetables into individual waveforms.

Audio-Term I – $0.00
Wavetable editor/creator. I needed to run this as administrator to get mouse input to work. This is an old school interface, it is supposed to be very useful. Anyhoo, this is it. Extensive YouTube Tutorials.
Download version 2.27 Audio-Term.zip or Audio-Term.zip

Audio Joiner – $0.00
Can use this tool to roll your own by merging single waveforms of a Quantum friendly sample length e.g. a bunch of 1,204 sample length single-cycle waveforms. Can merge up to 200 samples into a single file/wavetable.

Waldorf Blofeld Wavetable Creator – $0.00
Wavetable creator from scratch, sin, triangle, square, saw, freehand waveforms, import wave, export midi.

Paid Software

Serum: Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer – $189.00
Wavetable editor built right in, you can create your own wavetables in a variety of ways.

Icarus: High-end Synthesizer-Workstation – $169.00
Claims “the most powerful wavetable-editor available on the market”.

Phase Plant: Modular Synthesis Engine – $169.00
Wavetable editor built in. You can use it to edit any wavetable, or to create wavetables from scratch. The wavetable editor also has a powerful tool for converting any sample to a wavetable.


Waldorf Quantum Synthesizer
Has sample to wavetable conversion utility built into its own OS.
Oscillator > Timbre > Tools > Analyze Audio


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