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Quantum Iridium Patches

Note: This page is no longer updated as of April 2023. Though they are amazing and I highly recommend them, I no longer own Waldorf products and will not be blogging about them.

Quantum & Iridium Presets

Most Waldorf Quantum and Iridium owners know this, but for clarity – the Quantum and Iridium synthesizers share the same presets, occasionally with small tweaks to account for the filter differences between them.

Presets may include non-factory wavetables and/or samples.

Waldorf Add-on Preset Packs

Kurt Ader
Stage Discover

Stage Discover is the latest collection from top sound designer Kurt Ader/KApro. The set includes 54 patches and offers an impressive mix of epic soundscapes, cinematic pads from strings to choir, lead sounds, plucked arpeggios and much more.

The Solos
Trailer Track

The Solos are an award winning trailer music agency in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, whose music and sound design has been used in movie trailers for 1917, Captain Marvel, Dark Phoenix, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Godzilla, Black Panther and many others.

Kevin Schroeder
Cinematic Edition Vol 1

64 patches with bass, lead, atmospheres and pad sounds. Also offers a large number of complex “cinematic sequences” played with one button and are ideal for creating a complete song. The simultaneous use of both layers and several parameter tracks in the sequencer creates very dynamic and atmospheric soundscapes.

Christian Gritzner

100 cosmic patches using the versatility and sonic capabilities of Iridium & Quantum. Mainly comprises the categories Arps, Atmo, Bass, Bells, Cinematic, Drum, Epic, FM, FX, Keys, Lead, Noise, Pads, Resonator, Strings, Synth. The set suits well for styles as ambient, classic electronic music, chill out, soundtracks, and many more.

Limbic Bits

83 patches best suited to electronic music like Ambient, Techno and Electronica. Powerful basses, warm pads with a nice retro vibe, trippy dub chords and complex organic textures. Lead sounds ranging from dreamy up to aggressive, plus a selection of swirling arpeggios. Furthermore, you’ll get a selection of samples consisting of field recordings and synthesizer pads. 

Kevin Schroeder
Cinematic World

Set contains 11 complex “cinematic sequences”. By using both layers and several parameter tracks in the sequencer simultaneously very dynamic and atmospheric soundscapes are created. These can be played with one key and are great for creating a complete song. You can also let them run quietly in the background.

Tim Shoebridge

A collection of fifty five carefully curated presets that provide an excellent starting point for writing your own scores. Sounds include complex evolving pads, organic bells and plucks, but also simpler sampled sounds such as pianos, vocals and strings.

Kurt Ader
KA-Leidoscope Vol 1-4
€29 each or €109 for all 4 plus 13 bonus presets

Collections of 64 sounds per set. From vintage analogue recreation synths, Epic and Cinematic Pads, Wavetables, Resonator, Granular, to FM Signature sounds.

3rd Party Add-on Preset Packs

Richard Smithson
Waldorf Iridium Textures

Forward thinking Textures, Pads and Soundscapes with some classics thrown in for good measure. 58 Patches.

SMV Producer

Evolving sounds for the Quantum and the Iridium with a lot of modulations going on. There are also some sequences that may be different in style from the main sounds of this bank. Some sounds make use also of samples. All of Quantum synth engines were used.

Tim Shoebridge

Sampled recordings of a steel strung acoustic guitar. There are eight presets included plus sample sets for three separate playing techniques: Plectrum (117MB) – Strings plucked using a plectrum. Finger (97MB) – Strings plucked using fingertips. Damped (29MB) – Same as “Finger” but strings are muted to soften vibrations.

Tim Shoebridge
VA Pads

243Mb of stereo samples recorded from a variety of virtual analogue (VA) hardware synthesisers collected over the course of the last twenty years. VA synths tend to have high polyphony and multi-timbrality, more oscillators, waveforms, LFO’s, EG’s, filter modes and master effects than equivalent analogue poly synths, and this makes VA synths great for creating lush, rich pad patches. VA Pads is a collection of 16 of pad patches.

Tim Shoebridge

Combined 24 presets and 104 samples library for the Waldorf Quantum. The samples are recordings of a 6-string nylon acoustic guitar.

$15 or bundle of all 3 for $30

FMesque, complex & evolutive pads presets, including 32 presets + 8 bonus early work presets.

$15 or bundle of all 3 for $30

32 complex & evolutive pads presets, includes single, layered & sequenced presets.

$15 or bundle of all 3 for $30

20 dark & evolutive pads presets.


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Prophet X Patches & Samples

Without doubt, samples bring out the full potential of the Sequential Prophet X/XL synthesizer

Here’s a video to fire up your imagination on Prophet X/XL samples by Han Luis Cera. Han is the synth player with Mutant-Thoughts, and a Sequential featured artist. You can download the files referenced in the video at the link on the video or here: Lockdown Experiment.syx / Lckdn Kitchen Lckdn

The following patches and sample sets are all Sequential Prophet X/XL specific. If you know of any other Sequential Prophet X/XL specific patches or samples sets, please do let me know. I would like this page to be all inclusive, thanks!

3rd party patches & sample sets

Hypnotic Pads from CO5MA – $14.99
32 complex, expressive & hypnotic patches

X-Plorations Vol 1 from GEOSynths – $49.00
This whole bank of 128 patches includes a large amount of samples from 14 analog synths

The 9000 Foot Piano from Pianobook – $0.00
Samples from a Yamaha baby grand piano

Luigi’s Samples from Modulatable Synthesis – $0.00
Miscellaneous samples collection – 2GB

Merlin Samples from Modulatable Synthesis – $0.00
Modal Electronics 002 samples – 3.4GB

Replicants Samples and Patches from Modulatable Synthesis – $0.00
Deckard’s Dream MK1 CS80 type samples & 32 presets – 16.5GB

Moog One Samples and Patches from Modulatable Synthesis – $68.00

BlueWave from Goldbaby – $49.00
Samples of the PPG Wave 2.2

VCO Pack from ThinkerSnacks – $0.00
Behringer Neutron, Sequential OB-6, Dreadbox Erebus, & Moog Voyager Samples

BC X Boutique Synthesizer Sample Pack from tjontheroad – $24.99
Samples of the Black Corporation Xerxes synthesizer

BIG Bass Sample Pack from tjontheroad – $24.99
Samples of hardware and software synthesizer bass sounds

MatrixBrute (MxB) Multi OSC Samples Pack from tjontheroad – $0.00
Samples of the Arturia MatrixBrute

SH-01A Samples Pack from tjontheroad – $0.00
Samples of the Roland Boutique SH-01A

Factory sample sets

Add on 1 The Last Prophet 5 from 8DIO – $88.00
Add on 2 CP70 Electric Grand Piano from 8DIO – $48.00
Add on 3 Arp 2600 from 8DIO – $48.00
Add on 4 Oberheim OB-X from 8DIO – $48.00
Add on 5 Sequential CIrcuits T8 from 8DIO – $48.00
Add on 6 Jupiter 4 from 8DIO – $48.00
Add on 7 Moog Prodigy from 8DIO – $48.00
Add on 8 Minimoog Model D from 8DIO – $48.00
Add on 9 Juno 60 from 8DIO – $48.00
Add on 10 1971 Estonia Grand from 8DIO – $38.00
Add on 11 1985 Yamaha Grand from 8DIO – $38.00

For PX samples software and sound editors be sure to visit the Prophet X Utilities page.


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