Quantum Iridium Wavetables & Utilities

Note: This page is no longer updated as of April 2023. Though they are amazing and I highly recommend them, I no longer own Waldorf products and will not be blogging about them.

Waldorf Quantum & Iridium Wavetables

These wavetables work on the Waldorf Quantum Keyboard and Iridium Desktop / Iridium Keyboard, but could work on other hardware or software synths that use standard user supplied wavetables. Many synths have limitations such as a specific wave length, number of waveforms or encoded slot information. The Quantum and Iridium have more liberal limitations than any other hardware synth that I am aware of.

Current Quantum/Iridium firmware has a maximum of 2,000 waveforms per wavetable:

  • 4096 sample period x 217 waveforms
  • 2048 sample period x 430 waveforms
  • 1024 sample period x 846 waveforms
  • 512 sample period x 1,645 waveforms
  • 256 sample period x 2,000 waveforms
  • 128 sample period x 2,000 waveforms
  • 64 sample period x 2,000 waveforms

From Ocean Swift <– more at link and ‘Wavetable’ on the menu bar
1000 wavetables each zip – 100 waveforms each, 2048 sample period
Algorithmically generated, crushed, stitched & morphed

More Ocean Swift
OSS Wavetable Synthesis Pack 1:
Morphing Wavetables and Single cycle Waveforms
OSS Wavetable Synthesis Pack 2:

99 wavetables – Roughly 100 waveforms each, 2048 sample period
Access Virus TI wavetables
From the wild (with permission to use non-commercially)

50 wavetables, 50 multisamples and 50 single samples
Sequential OB-6
From Modulatable Synthesis
Email: modulatable.synthesis@gmail.com

683 wavetables – 64 waveforms each, 256 sample period
From WaveEditOnline.com

27 wavetables – Various number of waveforms each, 2048 sample period
JD-XA, Mother 32, Prophet 12, and Sub37 waveforms
Sampled and formatted by Paul Cotton

84 wavetables – 50 waveforms each, 1024 sample period
From adventurekid.se, formatted by Paul Cotton

5 wavetables – 800 waveforms each, 1024 sample period
From adventurekid.se, formatted by Paul Cotton

10 wavetables – Various number of waveforms each, 1024 sample period
Waveforms from the same category: blended, perfect, saw, saw bright, saw gap, saw rounded, sine, square, square rounded, triangle
From adventurekid.se, formatted by Paul Cotton

520 wavetables – 8 random waveforms each, 1024 sample period
From adventurekid.se, formatted by Paul Cotton

21 wavetables – 200 random waveforms each, 1024 sample period
From adventurekid.se, formatted by Paul Cotton

Quantum instructions: Wavetable Oscillator > Timbre > Tools > Import from .wav > Set drive in upper left corner to Samples, USB Drive or SD Card > Select a file (eg the first one) > Set period to appropriate length 256, 1024 or 2048 etc. > Load. Then you can use the on-screen [prev] and [next] to move through the wavetable files.

Note: Firmware 2.0 works perfect, however on Firmware 1.3.0, your Import from .wav may not read the SD card, until you read it somewhere else. One solution is Wavetable Oscillator > Timbre > Presets > Export > Cancel > Close, and that will read the SD card so you can then follow the instructions above.

Waldorf Quantum & Iridium Utilities

SampleRobot 6.x Pro $271.00
While not wavetables software, this currently supports Quantum/Iridium and Sequential Prophet X sample exports among other synths. This is definitely the premium sample export software to have.


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