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Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra: Delivered!

Alrighty! Woohoo! Yay! Yeehaw! Yippee!

Mar 9, 2022: Ordered Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra. Delivery changed a few times, last estimate June 29.
Apr 19, 2022: Ordered Apple Studio Display that should deliver by June 3.
Jun 3, 2022: Studio Display did arrive on time. Still, I couldn’t use it since the Mac Studio had not <sigh>.
Jun 24, 2022: Mac Studio M1 Ultra shipped and could be here tomorrow which will be the 109th day.
Jun 25, 2022: Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra: Delivered!

The perfect desktop and studio DAW part 1

Holy Shmoly, the Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra backorder waiting time was super brutal, especially considering the time I spent waiting for a MacBook Pro M1 Max before I changed the order to this Mac Studio M1 Ultra the day after it was announced. Oh well, the best is worth waiting for, it’s over now!

I will say one thing after using the Mac Studio for the better part of 2 days, it’s a dream to use.

Buying severely constrained Apple products

Supply chain/Covid related product delivery delays have really been a problem with Apple. At this point I think it looks like my experience of 109 days from order placement to delivery for the Mac Studio M1 Ultra is among the worst. Currently Apple is estimating up to 67 days.

The Studio Display took a more palatable 47 days. A MacBook Pro M1 Pro recently ordered is scheduled to take up to 51 days.

Though still bad, product delivery delays appear to be shrinking. Be prepared to have a lot of patience. As a general rule, the more advanced the processor and custom the build, the longer the wait.

My Mac Studio M1 Ultra and Studio Display are here now, amen. Stay tuned for more.


The next chapter, six months later: Apple MacBook Pro M2 Pro joins Mac Studio M1 Ultra

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