Pro 3 Wavetables & Utilities

Note: This page is no longer updated as of April 2023. Though the Sequential Pro 3 is amazing and I highly recommend it, I no longer own one and will not be blogging about it.

Sequential Pro 3 wavetables & utilities

The following are Sequential Pro 3 specific. If you know of any other Sequential Pro 3 specific wavetables, presets or utilities, please do let me know. I would like this to be all inclusive, thanks! -Yehuda

Wavetable or utility sets may include presets.

Sequential Wavetables

Pro 3 Add-on Wavetables & Programs – $0.00
32 new wavetables (“Pro 3 Add-on Wavetables”) and an accompanying bank of 128 programs by sound designer Drew Neumann (“Pro 3 Add-on Programs”). These wavetables will load into wavetable slots 33-64, which are reserved for user wavetables. The accompanying bank of 128 programs loads into User Bank 2.

3rd Party Wavetables

Preset Patch user uploaded Wavetables (also presets) – $0.00

Wavetable utilities

Sequential Pro 3 Wavetable Generator – $0.00
Sequential’s web-based utility Wavetable Generator allows users to convert up to 16 single-cycle waves into a Pro 3 compatible wavetable SysEx file for loading into any of the 32 user wavetable slots on the synth.

Sequential Pro 3 Destination Byte Converter Wavetable Tool – $0.00
This Preset Patch tool can be used to edit Sequential Pro 3 Wavetable files, to change the destination slot of the wavetable.

Sequential Pro 3 WaveEdit (see Assets for downloads) – $0.00
This is a custom Jeremy Bernstein fork of WaveEdit for the creation and editing of Sequential Pro 3 wavetables. There are MacOS, Windows and Linux builds. The primary changes are increasing the wave size to 1024 samples and reducing the bank length to 16 waves.

WAV2Pro3 – $0.00
An online wavetable conversion application for users of the Sequential Pro 3 synthesizer. It allows you to upload a WAV file containing a group of single-cycle waveforms, and then download a wavetable system exclusive file.

Other utilities

Pro 3 Sound Editor from Soundtower $49.95
Pro 3 PlugSE from Soundtower $49.95


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