Waldorf Iridium Desktop

Note: This page is no longer updated as of April 2023. Though they are amazing and I highly recommend them, I no longer own Waldorf products and will not be blogging about them.

Waldorf 16 voice all-digital Iridium desktop


The Waldorf Iridium was officially announced on Friday June 12, 2020. Coming up on 2 years later, this very popular synth is still selling faster than they can build them. Now there is also an Iridium Keyboard version for an $1100 uptick.

The Waldorf Quantum and the Sequential Prophet X are like the Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster of the synthesizer world. It’s a BIG deal for an all digital desktop version of the Quantum to be released.

The Iridium has the same OS and same sound engines as the Quantum. Patches are interchangeable. Notable differences aside from the obvious form factor differences, are there is no analog, no auxiliary outs, and there are CV connections and a 2nd type of sequencer with the pads (on/off, not for drumming).

Firmware progress

Currently the newest ‘official’ firmware release is v2.8.0 which is roughly equivalent to OS 3.0 Beta 12. I would still recommend joining the Beta program (free) and updating to newer Beta versions.

Currently I am running OS 3.0 Beta 15 (Quantum), which is publicly available for Iridium/Quantum by asking Waldorf to add you to the Beta. If you are waiting for the official release of OS 3.0, don’t. OS 3.0 Beta 15 is much more stable, bug free and feature rich. There are also many great patches that require OS 3.0. There is no downside to running the Beta, none. Running OS 2.x.x massively cheats you out of the very best Iridium has to offer. Have I said this clear enough? Ha!


Manufacturer’s website

Product support, downloads

I strongly recommended that you run OS 3.0 Beta 12 or newer, unless you hate bug fixes, stability and new features. It is an improvement in all ways over OS 2.x.

Facebook user groups

Waldorf Quantum & Iridium Synthesizer Group


Yehuda Rothschild Waldorf Iridium Desktop YouTube Playlist

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